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Architectural Services

  • Planning Permission
  • Building Warrant
  • Extensions & Attic / Loft Conversions
  • New build houses and flats
  • Conservatories
  • 3D Sketch Designs
  • Planning and Construction advice
  • Building renovation / Conversion
  • Residential or Commercial developments
  • Free consultation
  • Draughting service
  • BIM - Building Information Modelling
  • Sustainability

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Planning Permission

For even many projects Planning Permission is required; sometimes even for Attic conversions and Conservatories. If you need this confirmed just get in touch.

Outline Planning Permission is often acquired for plots of land to increase sale value, if you have land and are thinking of selling it on - this could be the option for you.

Building Warrant

New construction nearly always involves applying for a Building Warrant to show your project can be built to meet current Building Regulations.

Building Regulations are updated every couple of years or so - the most changed item is to do with thermal performance and relates to insulation. This does save money for property owners over time.

Extensions & Attic / Loft Conversions

Adding an extension to your property can be a good way of increasing space within your home without the hassles and additional costs of moving to a new house. Many clients already like their home and just need an extra room or a family kitchen space for their growing family.

Typically the money you spend on your extension would be a reasonable indicator that you increase your hose value by. 'Extensions' can also be within your existing attic space, dormer windows can be used to increase a roof level extension.

New build houses and flats

Whether you wish to build a new home for yourself or create properties as a developer our services include more than just drawings. When a new house is built, Energy performance certificates, construction specifications, title deed plans / disposition plans and tender documents are asked for by third parties.

This is something that we can produce as standard as part of a complete service to you.


Even some small conservatories may require Building Warrant and Planning Permission. If in any doubt please call and we will be happy to advise.

Many conservatories are styled to look less like your typical conservatory, with partial solid roofs for spotlights.

There is also a growing market for complete solid roof conversions.

3D Sketch Designs

Some clients are not familiar with and therefore not confident at reading reading flat drawings even of their property. Therefore where needed and often on more complex jobs, perspective and 3D drawing are created.

This helps to visualise various parts of the building.

We can also add sun path diagrams to our drawings to see how shadows from your property may affect your neighbour.

Planning and Construction advice

"Is it possible to do this...?"

Often the answer will be yes, but are you aware of the implications or the costs, perhaps there is an alternative way of doing things that allows for another idea. This is a typical discussion that is had on most projects where we take an idea and turn it into a design. Understanding knock on effects (good or bad) gives you confidence when making those big decisions.

We are able to give on-site planning advice to those who are thinking about a development to help steer towards the best decision.

Unsure about changes in building regulations and want to know if your construction method is still suitable? Advice can be given.

Building renovation / Conversion

Buildings do have a limited life span and if it gets beyond a certain stage it can become cost effective to strip it back to its masonry shell and start from there.

This is a typical scenario for buildings which have been neglected over the years.

The efficiency of stripping back to start over often outweighs the costs of working with an existing layout and its associated constraints.

Residential or Commercial developments

If you already have ideas about your development - we are happy to discuss options to see just how feasible it can be.

If you have land upon which to start your development from, you may know there are a number of other things you will need to get in place besides Planning Permission and a Building Warrant.

Utility services like Electricity, Gas, Sewage, Phone and Cable are all things which require to be included. Information is provided to help deal with these companies.

Free consultation

We provide a free consultation - this allows feasibility of the project to be discussed, we can also discuss questions on the process or particular concerns you may have.

Typically this would be at the property in question, so the site and context can be assessed, comments would be made at the time and a follow up letter would be made covering the points of our discussion which would also contain a quote and information on time scales for the work required.

Quotes are tailored to each job - as no job is the same.

Draughting service

Occasionally we have clients that only require a basic CAD draughting service, something drawn up to their specification.

A fee could be based by the hour or to a pre-arranged figure.

BIM - Building Information Modelling

This is the current buzzword within the Architectural Industry. It often means 3D modelling of the building - but much more than just that. On larger buildings and smaller buildings with specific requirements, BIM allows designers whether it be Architectural, Structural or contractor installers like Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning to work together in an virtual building environment which can reduce issues & problems and therefore time & Costs for the client.


If your thinking about being more 'green' with your project we would be happy to help discuss and advise about the use of solar panels, air source heat pumps or even just grey water recycling. Such features allow the house to work more in harmony with environment and save you money too!